Avira has error occur updating

We’ve written a post two years back on how to update Avira offline, a manual update method used to work till Avira 2010 or versions prior to it, with the comments in that post we came to know, that method no longer working for Avira 2012.

For a manual update of 2012 products, Avira has released “Avira Manual update tool” which is also known as to create antivirus update archive incrementally.

One perspective on this issue is that (1) these products do not use the Protected Processes feature, and therefore an attacker can enter an arbitrary Application Verifier Provider DLL under Image File Execution Options in the registry; (2) the self-protection mechanism is intended to block all local processes (regardless of privileges) from modifying Image File Execution Options for these products; and (3) this mechanism can be bypassed by an attacker who temporarily renames Image File Execution Options during the attack.Antivirus 4.8.1351.0 and 5.0.677.0, and VBA32 allows user-assisted remote attackers to bypass malware detection via a RAR file with an initial MZ character sequence.NOTE: this may later be SPLIT into multiple CVEs if additional information is published showing that the error occurred independently in different RAR parser implementations.NOTE: this issue is disputed by some third parties because it is a flaw in a protection mechanism for situations where a crafted program has already begun to execute.Unquoted Windows search path vulnerability in the scheduler (sched.exe) in Avira Anti Vir, Anti Vir Premium, Premium Security Suite, and Anti Vir Professional might allow local users to gain privileges via a malicious file in the "C:\Program Files\avira\" directory.

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