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How would you feel if someone sexually assaulted her?

Sadly, some of you have girls and women in your lives -- including members of your own families -- who have experienced sexual abuse and assault. Young men, including football players and other student-athletes, have an important role to play in preventing it - especially by making it clear to your teammates and friends that mistreating anyone sexually is wrong, and that you will not tolerate it.

This is a problem that has surfaced in our community, in our family.") Leadership in sports means leadership on and off the field.

Ben Roethlisberger is a proven winner in athletic competition.

There undoubtedly will be millions of conversations in America's living rooms this weekend about Roethlisberger's actions, including debates about whether he evaded more serious consequences because of his wealth and power.

There will also likely be considerable hand-wringing from many in Steeler Nation, who will cheer for their team with a troubled conscience, out of concern that their cheers could be construed as support for a man -- the team's quarterback and on-field leader -- with a disgraceful record of mistreating women.

This historic opportunity comes at the end of a season that began with him serving a four-game suspension by the National Football League for allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman in a bar last March -- the second sexual assault allegation against him in a year.

(Neither allegation resulted in criminal charges.) "Big Ben's" behavior and his team's success present a classic "teachable moment," especially given that the Super Bowl is the most widely watched television program in the United States, with an estimated 100 million viewers.

Teachers, coaches, and religious leaders reinforce the message that "might doesn't make right," and that if you want to be a good and successful person, you must "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Over the past few years numerous states have passed anti-bullying laws, and school districts are increasingly implementing prevention programs on issues like dating violence and sexual assault.Leadership doesn't 'just happen.' It isn't 'automatic.' It is something that is earned and exemplified (or illustrated) continually.Football fans across the country might respect Big Ben's ability to get it done on the field, but he has a long way to go to prove that he is worthy of their respect as a true leader and as a man.According to published accounts, the woman was extremely intoxicated when Roethlisberger accompanied her into the bathroom as his bodyguards stood at the door, blocking anyone from coming to the woman's assistance.Although Roethlisberger denies the rape allegation and no criminal charges were brought against him in the March 4, 2010 incident, the allegation was serious enough that he was suspended for four games by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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