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These days people don't have money to see or do everything, so they choose very care- fully. One Astor Plaza, 15)5 Broaijway, New York, N T 10036. D'Onofrlo It executive VP and director of anti-piracy operations for the RIAA.For a good time, frankly, a live blues band that really feels it will never let you down." THIS WEEK IN BILLBOARD GETTING A GRIP ON THE RUSSIAN BIZ How do you evaluate the Russian market? and the independent Intermedia are starting to offer a glimpse into an expanding industry. Page 45 VHS HOLDING ITS OWN With the new technology boom, the ITA has become the forum for the great tape debate. pirated format, CDs remain an extremely difficult medium for pirates in the U. The key has been RIAA's early and ongo- ing work to protect the market before pi- rates could gain a strong foothold.Robin was reared in a post-industrial bedroom community whose prior inhabitants had the blues since the first days of the 19th century. England LE16 9EF Registered as a rwspaper at the Bntish Post dice Japan 1 19.000 yen Muse Lata Inc . 2nd Floor, 11-2, 1 Drome, Nigashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku. Ja- pan Second Oast postage paid at New York, N Y and at additwn* m*Postmaster: please send changes ot address to Billboard, P 0 Box 201 L. Current end back copies of Billboard are available on microfilm from Kraus Microform, Route 100. 48106 For Group Subscroton informjt«n call 212-536 5261 For Subscnption Information ca;: 1-800-745-3922 l U S : 614-382-3322) For any other irriormation can 212-764-7300 Printed in the U. Publishing 42 53 Studio Action _Z9 Fntpr'File _5J Executive Turntable They're Playing My Song 42 Top Pop Catalog 55 Global Music Pulse Gospel Lectern _49 Update 77 40 Video Monitor _44 Hits Of The World _4S Vox Jo» _85 Home & Abroad 47 Home Video _69 CLASSIFIED Hot 1 00 Singles Spotlight 91 REAL ESTATE _8Q 82 BILLBOARD APRIL 1, 1995 3 Billboard Editor m Chief: TIMOTHY WHITE ■EDITORIAL Managing Editor: KEN SCHLAGER Deputy Editor: Irv Ltditman News Editor Susan Nun? Hispanic music, for ex- ample, has always been disproportionately represented in the counterfeit market.

And the self-tilled RCA debut album by the campy Buster Poindexter (alter ego of for- mer New York Dolls front man David Johansen) moved 276,000 units, according to the label. "As a Christian company." Park says, "we projected ourselves as a complete ministry, but came to see that we were missing a whole part of (Co ADVERTt Sl MCNT THE MOST EAGERLY AWAITED DEBUT ALBUM OF THE YEAR Real MCoy ANOTHER NIGHT Their debut album features the #1 PLATINUM smash title track and the big hit follow-up "RUN AWAY," now exploding with runaway sales at retail and runaway growth all over radio. 13 T • THE BILLBOARD 200 • * ME AGMJST THE WORLD • 2PAC • NTERSCOPE 92 CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN * HOUSE OF LOVE • AMT GRANT • tmmt 40 COUNTRY * THE HITS ■ GARTH BROOKS • ueeff TY 30 GOSPEL * KIRK FRANKLIN AND THE FAMILY KIRK FRANKLIN AND THE FAMILY • GOWO-CENTHC 41 HEATSEEKERS * GOOD TIMES • SUBWAY • Blv 10 19 THE BILLBOARD LATIN 50 * SEGUNDO ROMANCE • LUIS MIGUEL • WEA iatina 37 NEW AGE * UVE AT THE ACROPOUS • YANNI • pwv Art musjc 58 R&B * ME AGAINST THE WORLD ■ 2PAC « i NTEKCOFt 22 REGGAE * DESTINATION BROOKLYN ■ VICIOUS • EPIC STREET 58 WORLD MUSIC * THE LONG BLACK VEIL .But these were kids of 17 to 18 who were performing red- hot original blues when they should have been playing Lenny Kravitz covers. "Well," says Robin Davey, the mystery band's rangy bassist/ chief spokesman, "we never really had a name un- til we played a gig nearby at Easterton Village Hall in March of '91, when we had to put our name on the tickets. Lisa Collins, Larry Le Blanc, Jim Macnxe, Moira Mc Corm Kk. Much of our success was due to working with law enforcement officials to crack down on illegal manufacturers, distribu- tors, and retailers.I was on the phone to Jon Amor, our lead guitarist, and we were talking about the weird crop circles that had been showing up in the fields around Salisbury. Came Borzillo {LA) Staff Reporters: Trudi Miller Rosen Wum (N. Brett Atwood (L A ) Administratrvo Research Assistant Tern Horak (N. David Nathan, Havekxh Nelson, Deborah Evans Price, Heidi Waleson International Editor in Chief: ADAM WHITE Inlemational Deputy Editor: Thorn Duffy International Music Editor: Dominic Pnde European News Editor: Jeff Ctan VMeads German Bureau Chtofe Wolfgang Spahr Japan Bureau Chief: Steve Mc Clure Far East Bureau Chief: Mike Levin ■CHARTS L RESEARCH Associate Publisher: MICHAEL ELLIS Director of Charts: Geoff Mayfte W (LA) Chart Managers: Suzanne Baphste {Senior Manager R&B/Reggae), Anthony Colombo (Album Rock/New Age). Our present strategy, particularly in California, has shifted to fo- cusing higher on the food chain, targeting illegal distributors, manufacturers, and materials suppliers.For example, CD-R recording machines have now been introduced in the U.S., and CD-ROM recorders were an- nounced at the most recent Winter Con- sumer Electronics Show.

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Other acts counting on a nostalgia craze have been suc- cess stories for their indepen- dent labels. s is Real Mc Coy's debut album and it's as real as it gets. THE CHIEFTAINS • BCA 58 • THE HOT 100 • * TAKE A BOW • MADONNA MAVERICK / SHE 90 ADULT CONTEMPORARY * TAKE A BOW • MADONNA • MAVERICK / SIE 86 COUNTRY * THINKIN' ABOUT YOU • TRISHA YEARWOOD • MCA 32 DANCE / CLUB PLAY * NEVER GET ENOUGH • WATERUUJES • KJNEnc , REFW5E 27 DANCE / MAXI SINGLES SALES # DEAR MAMA ' 2PAC • INTERSCOPE 27 LATIN * QUE NO ME OLVIDE • BRONCO « FONOVBA 38 R&B * THIS IS HOW WE DO IT • MONTEU JORDAN • PMPy RAL 24 Ufl T DJCR AID PI AV ll U 1 tf Qi D Ml It 1 LA T * BABY * BRANDY • An ANDC 23 HOT R&B SINGLES SALES * THIS IS HOW WE DO IT ■ MONTEU. ■ HAD BOY 25 ROCK / ALBUM ROCK TRACKS * UGHTNING CRASHES ■ UVE • ralxoaotve aa ROCK / MODERN ROCK TRACKS * UGHTNING CRASHES • UVE • RACNOACTfw E 88 TOP 40 AIRPLAY / MAINSTREAM * 1 KNOW ■ DKONNE FARRIS • COLUMBIA 82 TOP 40 AIRPLAY / RHYTHM -CROSSOVER 87 * RED UGHT SPECIAL • TLC • iaface HOT 100 AIRPLAY * TAKE A BOW • MADONNA * MAVERICK / UBE as Uf\T 1 All (IHin CC CAI Cf MUI 1 UU SINli LCS Irt LLS * CANDY RAIN • SOUL FOR REAL • UPTOWN 89 • top t/inrn cai pc ■ IVP VILICCI * THE UON KING * WAIT QVJEY HOME video 22 HEALTH & FITNESS * YOUR PERSONAL BEST WITH ELLE MACPHERSON BUENA VISTA HOME VIDEO 24 win i/incn KIU VICt LJ * THE UON KING • WM 1 f WJTr HOME VIDEO 74 KELKKnll Unl AL SI UK 1 i * NBA SUPER SLAMS 2 ■ EOXVCCO 26 RENTALS * CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER • paramount home video 75 The Hoax: Blues You Can Believe In Strange sightings have been reported in the English countryside of late, the portentous phenomenon drawing increasing numbers of the curious to the southern counties of Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire. D C 20005 2 tax 2 London 3rd Floor 23 Ridgrnounl St London WC1E 7 AH 44 171323-6686 Fax: 44 1 44171 323-2316 Nashville 49 Muse Square W Nashville.

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