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In April 1933, I attempted to return to Iraq and had to see Sir Harold Stow, the British Consul-General of Betroth. of Massachusetts, the Assyrian National Association of Connecticut, the Christian Aid Society of Philadelphia, Pa., the West New York Branch of New Jersey, the Newark Branch of New Jersey.

He was kind enough to advise me to do so, but, at the same time, he communicated with the Iraqi Consul-General of Betroth, Camilla al Galena, to say that it would be in the interests of Iraq if I were allowed to return when the Iraq Government could place me under strict policy surveillance. It is a pleasing duty to express my sincere thanks to Hon. Beery, the ex-Police Court Judge and Prosecutor of the Pleas of Passaic County in New Jersey, for his generous assistance rendered in reading and correcting every page of proof as it came from the compositor, and for his counsel with regard to matters of general presentation. Had it not been for their zealous co-operation, the present work would not have been possible.

There are besides various recensions of the text of the Acts.

According to the legend Blasius was a physician at Sebaste before he was raised to the episcopal see.

Blasius preserve you from throat troubles and every other evil ).

In some dioceses is added: "in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus" and the priest makes the sign of the cross over the faithful.

In the Latin Church his feast falls on 3 February, in the Oriental Churches on 11 February.

He is represented holding two crossed candles in his hand (the Blessing of St.

Blasius in the Black Forest, etc.) claimed to possess some of his relics. In many places on the day of his feast the blessing of St.

Upon further inquiry, the Consul on the 8th of June, 1933, informed me that he could give me no particulars other than those contained in his letter No. For the excellent illustrations, I am indebted to Mr. Perhaps it was the strange parallelism between the myths of the old faith of Chaldea, and the theology of Christendom, that enabled the people to take the new faith of the West so thoroughly to their hearts.

622/4/12, dated the 22nd of May, 1933, which meant nothing to me because of its vagueness and ambiguity. For that faith they have suffered, and in it they have found the expression of their national life under the various rulers of Islam.

At the time of the persecution under Licinius he was taken prisoner at the command of the governor, Agricolaus.

The hunters of the governor found him in the wilderness in a cave to which he had retired and while in prison he performed a wonderful cure of a boy who had a fishbone in his throat and who was in danger of choking to death. Blasius was beheaded; the Acts relate also the martyrdom of seven women.

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