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I'll put more here, find a pretty picture and whatnot, but for now, I just want to say that I love love love roleplay with characters from lots of different videogame series.

I love chatting about those series and setting up roleplays, so let'...

After it had been on/off a few times it seems stable now. If you want to get all hurt and offended about it, fine, not my problem.

I have been using this site a few years ago under moreless the same name until it suddenly disappeared some time ago. Professional Businessman Prepared to try anything once Looking for fun and friendship and a good time Lets cum together Get me worked up enough and I will show you my impersonation of a cum fountain!!! I don’t roleplay or cyber very often, just because I don’t always feel like it. Things I'm into: Submission (mostly) Domination Pegging/strap on play Anal (taking and giving) Rape (taking and giving) Age Play Water Sports Not into: Scat thats pretty much my only limit.

Hotties with big boobs can come from any nationality.

While it is rare to see Asian girls with a nice big pair, they are more common these days and it is quite a sight to see.

Ebony big tits and busty Latina girls, as well as any blonde or brunette want to shake their giant knockers for you!

When she is sucking on her big dildo the large breasts are there, inviting you to imagine what they would look like covered in her drool from your cock in the back of her throat. Love one off chats with strangers, but looking for an ongoing affair with someone, that I could trust over time,... I'm diverse in my desires and needs on a week to week basis. Up for chatting, but also love to get sick a pervy.A quick turn of phrase and dry wit will get my attention. Show some intelligence and manners and I might just swoon.

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  1. Ada bagian2 tertentu yang disesuaikan (dikurangi, ditambahi, dikaitkan, dll). Hanya untuk menambah semangat scr ada rencana pulang pagi. "Saya sih bebas saja sih, kapan pun (Ustaz) mau datang," pungkasnya.

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