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Digi Cert Code Signing Certificates let you to sign any code you want no matter what platform you’re using, including Microsoft Authenticode and Kernel Mode, Java files and applets, Apple applications, and Adobe AIR files.

Using Digi Cert was a great experience with such responsive customer service.

EV code signing certificates can be installed on HSMs, giving you more control over your certificates and their private keys.

Anyone in your organization with authorized access to the HSM can use the stored certificate to sign code.

Our chat service lets you text chat with randomly selected people from all over the world in private chat rooms.

the only 'problem' was that the certificate took a little longer than expected but once I let them know they rushed it and I got it straight away.

The " Digi Cert Certificate utility for Windows is so intuitive my 12 year old son can generate an CSR with all required Subject alertative name and install it on our on-prem Exchange server!!

An encrypted token containing the private key is stored on a USB device that you receive after you purchase your certificate.

Only those who have the physical device can sign code with your EV code signing certificate, providing reinforced authentication and enhanced security.

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