Icici bank customer identification data updating form updating to android

Bank will charge penalty of 1% on principle Plus Interest subject to protection of Principle (Total instalment amount paid till date).

CLOSURE OF ACCOUNTS An Account will normally be closed upon payment of all the stipulated number of instalments on the maturity date.

PAYMENT OF INTEREST ON RECURRING DEPOSIT Interest on the Deposits is calculated on monthly instalments paid, at the applicable rates as communicated to the Depositor/s at the time of Account opening and in the State ments.

Such interest rates shall be in accordance with CBB directives if any from time to time(At present the Recurring deposit interest rates are decided by the Bank as CBB has not issued any directives for the same).

Deposits shall only be made if accompanied by proper supporting documents as required by the Bank, and the Bank shall have such rights as have been specified in these Terms.

The Bank shall have the right to outsource or sub-contract any part of the banking operations to such third party (including but not limited to any party outside Bahrain on such terms as the Bank deem fit in its sole discretion.

Such revised terms and conditions shall then be binding on the Depositor/s.

The Bank may choose not to, or may be unable to, proceed with any transaction and/or instructions if, in the Bank’s sole discretion, they (or any intermediary through which any payment may be made) are or maybe subject to, or may attract in future, any sanctions or restrictions administered by the OFAC, the United Nations, European Union or any similar restriction by any authority, agency or body having similar powers (“Restrictions”), and any amount remitted or to be remitted (if any) by the Bank may not be made available to the intended recipient if such person or entity is subject to any Restrictions.

The Bank will not be responsible for any losses or liabilities which arise as a result of or in connection with any Restrictions, including, without limitation, any act or refusal to act by the Bank as a consequence of any Restrictions, and any action or omission of any correspondent or other intermediary bank and/or any delay in the realisation of cheques deposited.

No proof or evidence of any actual loss may be required.

- Where the Beneficiary is an account holder of ICICI Bank, India the Registered User will have to provide the Bank with the Account number of the Beneficiary and type of account.

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The interest amount shall be paid to the Depositor/s on the Maturity date or on premature closure of the deposit.

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