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These remains are the subject of an intensive comparative-method course in some US University graduate programs, and offer an inside view into the early struggle for power and survival in pre-Latin Italy.Latin is related to the rest of Europe linguistically, but not in a way that can automatically be perceived as you learn the European languages.

It was first noticed by Sir William Jones, a linguistically minded employee of the British East India Company in the late l8th century as he began private lessons in Sanskrit, that most of the languages of Europe bore a strong resemblances to each other in basic, primary vocabulary.

All of these languages are clearly related, but their relationships can be understood only in the light of a web of complex sound-laws, which constitute the present discipline of Indo-European Historical Linguistics.

Let is take a closer look at the various linguistic offshoots of the IE parent stock: The ancient hieratic language of India is called Sanskrit, actually sam-skrta or "decorated, arranged language", and dates from the end of the second millennium B. A vast body of religious materials was assembled, the best known and earliest is the Rg Veda which we have entire in a long MS tradition but also reinforced by a remarkably accurate oral tradition passed down through the ages.

Note that when we speak of language groups, we are speaking in wholly linguistic terms, and must not confuse language-groups with ethnic entities.

If Indo-Iranian groups represent an early IE offshoot, we should note that the Hittites of Eastern Anatolia represent as early a spur from the westward linguistic flow.

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In Greek times it was already known to Herodotus in the 5th c. The Keltic remains of "Gaulish" have eben fastidiously collected by Whatmough of Harvard from thousands of inscriptions, in the volumes of The Dialects of Ancient Gaul (DAG).

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