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“Stable operating cash flow generation through industry and economic cycles resulting in leverage levels of total debt/EBITDA at or below 2.0x and net debt/EBITDA below 1.5x would be considered positive.” ““It is important to see the credit that is given to our business model and cost structure,” said Santiago Giraldo, CFO of Tecnoglass.

Over 100 fatal victims and undetermined number of missing persons. Campo Elías Delgado Morales, a Vietnam War veteran kills 28 persons (including his mother) and leaves 15 injured, in the Pozzetto restaurant massacre, presumably due to mental illness. The remains of the sculpture are displayed in San Antonio Square as a memorial for the victims Gloria Zea, director of the national Modern Art Museum organizes one of the largest art exhibits in Colombia "Arte y Violencia en Colombia" as a commemoration of 50th anniversary of the start of the bipartisan violence La Violencia Serial killer Luis Garavito is found guilty of the murder of 138 boys.

The army is accused of forced disappearance of civilians In the worst natural disaster in the history of Colombia, Armero city in Tolima department is destroyed due to a flood created by the eruption of Nevado del Ruiz volcano (Armero tragedy). The events are depicted in the 2006 movie Satanás (film)Avianca Flight 203 airplane HK1803 explodes in the air with 107 people on board, few minutes after leaving El Dorado International Airport as a result of a bomb planted by the Medellín Cartel. The Security Administration Department building (Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad DAS) and an important part of the commercial area of Paloquemao district in Bogotá are destroyed by a bomb, in what is considered the worst terrorist attack in Colombian history Minister of economy Rudolph Hommes announced the new aperture politic for international trade inspirited in the Russian perestroika and the creation of the National bank for international trade Bancomex8000 Process scandal of Cali Cartel narcotrafficking money investment in the Samper electoral campaign starts with the public broadcasting of tapes from telephonic conversations among Minister Alberto Giraldo and drug dealers Gilberto and Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela"Miti-Miti" corruption scandal, involving Ministrer of communications Saulo Arboleda and minister of mining and energy Rodrigo Villamizar accused of obtaining illegal profit of 100 fm radio concessions Bird (sculpture by Fernando Botero) was destroyed by a terrorist attack in downtown Medellín. (The total number of victims according with Garavito confessions off-record is estimated up to 300 boys and an undetermined number of adults)Strong waves from Hurricane Lenny affect the Guajira Peninsula of Colombia, flooding 1,200 homes and businesses along the northern coastline.

M19 guerrilla attacks the supreme court in the Palace of Justice siege.

The president of the Supreme Court of Colombia and many magistrates, employees and bystanders get killed.

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