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Dustin Diamond was 12 years old when he won the role of Screech, making him three years younger than his co-stars and creating some friction between them.

The show's creator Peter Engel later remarked that he would not have hired Diamond if he knew his real age and repeatedly commented about Diamond's apparent immaturity.

He dyed his hair every two weeks to maintain the sun-kissed look of a southern California resident.

However, Berkley impressed them so much that they created the character Jessie Spano, the gang's vocal social activist, for her.The original plan was for Zack and Slater to be rivals vying for Kelly; however, the writers instantly picked up on the chemistry between the two actors and decided to make the characters best friends.This relationship carried over into their real lives, and the actors are still close friends.Mark-Paul Gosselaar is raising the baby once again.The actor and wife Catriona Mc Ginn have welcomed their first child Monday, Oct.

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