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For the analytical assessment, normal intelligent student needs no preparation, if you wish, practice the non verbal part well from r.s.

agarwal or else if you prepared for your campus selections just go through that then for the ppdt and gd, we need some extra preparation.

but i made to understand my point clearly at the end .

After this there will be a gd, in which all have to talk something about the picture. We have to talk about our narration(own story) and come to a common conclusion, we all came to some conclusion. two persons were speaking about the preservation of tiger and bla bla..

Later we reached the Allahabad railway station at 1 am mid night, and arranged a room to stay and get refreshed, we group of train friends planned and went to sangamithra and enjoyed the boating. This is the crucial day for all candidates as there is lot of short listings comes from this day.

Arrival Day: We were welcomed and checked by the officials for date of birth verification, filling up the PIQ - Personal Identification Questionaire , this is our bio data as we have to fill all our details in this paper and verification of candidate identification etc are conducted on the same day of the arrival. We should wear shoe all over the centers and no chapels are allowed. We wake up early in the morning by 4 am and we are ready for the assessments by 6 am.

In my group all of the guy z were so cool and nice.

Why i am telling is out of 10 persons in my group 2 got recommended for the medicals. Day-2-Psychological Tests In the second day the real evaluation begins, as today is the psychological evaluation day.

I got many new friends in the train and some of them are repeaters for this, so i got some advise from them.We felt little sad and motivated them for the next try, they too motivated us for the upcoming challenging days.Later the new short listed candidates were allotted new chest numbers and mine was 28.Each candidate is assessed by this and no one can escape from this, as it maps clearly about our personality, whether we are eligible for defense services or not. All the candidates have to sit in order in the auditorium based on their chest numbers.And we were instructed by the psychologists about the tests and rules to be followed by the candidate in the tests.

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We chat a lot and also met an air force Sargent, he told and advised us many things about the same. In few minutes our room mates mingled with each other and cracked jokes, told about their previous experiences, I heard that keenly as it was first time for me.

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