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You can configure mailbox storage limits to obtain a similar result.However, make sure that you note the following differences between mailbox storage limits and mailbox management recipient policies: - Mailbox storage limits limit the total size of the mailbox.- Mailbox management recipient policies limit messages over a certain size.Lower priority policies are no longer evaluated after a match has been made.When you use mailbox management recipient policies, you can configure a filter rule that specifies the subset of messaging-enabled objects that the recipient policy applies to.There is no default recipient policy for mailbox management (unlike the e-mail recipient policies).However, you can add the required property page to the default recipient policy if you want to create a mailbox management policy that applies to all recipients. Right click on a recipient policy and click "Change property pages". Now the Mailbox Manager Settings will be visible under the Recipient Policy Properties.Use caution when you use the Delete the message immediately option, because users may have to recover their messages.

This is useful when you have a subset of users who have different storage requirements.By using the command to fetch a bunch of mailboxes — either all mailboxes in the Organization, or all mailboxes in a particular Organizational Unit (OU), or all (mailbox-enabled) users who are members of a particular distribution group, or by filtering mailboxes based on other user parameters. mail-enabled users, Contacts, other Distribution Groups, Public Folders, etc.) which can’t have a Managed Folder Mailbox Policy applied.To apply the policy to all mailbox users who are members of a Distribution Group called | Set-Mailbox -Managed Folder Mailbox Policy “Policy-Deleted Items90Days” One logical question after the last example — can I do this with Security Groups (that are not mail-enabled) instead?For example, there may be a technical author in your organization who regularly sends out very large attachments that must be stored.You can use a less restrictive mailbox management policy for this user.

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