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And I did confirm that it was my boss who was writing these emails because he shared his cell phone with them.

So, in these past six months, every now and again I’ll find an email to/from an escort. But what irks me the most is that he does this on company time (for example, he goes and tells me that he has a “meeting” with a recruit at a nearby hotel, but I surmise he’s seeing the escort because of the emails and because he actually books a room — I have access to his hotel account). I intend on looking for work soon, for this and other reasons.

They are never the same, and when I search their email on the web, sure enough, they come up as an escort. That it is INCREDIBLY risky for him to use his work email for this? I don’t think you need to do anything here, really.

I kind of want to call him out on it so he realizes how conspicuous he’s being. He presumably should already know that it’s risky to use work emails to set up appointments with sex workers and yet he’s doing it anyway.

Said boss always like to tout that he’s faithful and pious man, and that stronger men than himself have made dumb decisions and have been unfaithful to their spouses.

Of course, maybe it wouldn’t go in that direction at all — maybe he would be grateful and lovely about it and surprisingly not awkward at all — although “not awkward” is not typically how people describe this kind of conversation.It is the place you get to look quite a few document dimension in regards to the high quality similar to same old high quality, reasonably low high quality, and higher high quality. Click on on any high quality dimension to begin obtain.Understand that click on on any class of our personal hobby to get all Mp. In order that’s our personal likelihood to boost the cricket global cup. However, play Global Cricket Cup 11 sport unfastened! Regardless, though, there’s not really an incentive here for you to take on any risk to yourself just to point out something that should already be blindingly obvious to him.Now, if the emails were graphic or something, and you were being subjected to them in the normal course of doing your job, it would be reasonable for you to say, “Hey, your personal life is your business, but I need to access your email for work and I don’t want to have to read this stuff.” But that’s not the case here — you’ve had to go out of your way to figure out what the emails are.

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Sometimes my work will extend a little bit into his personal life (writing an email on behalf of his child’s extracurricular activities, coordinating travel with his wife, picking up his dry cleaning), but it’s minimal.

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