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When the plot gets in the way of the 'plot,' you know there is an;dr some teacher fucks a student and then the guy fuck some random hoe.But, they need to explain more, especially the part at the end with his sister (don't want to spoil anything).And if there is more info not in this from another show then they should have done some flashbacks or a quick recap, or even have the characters mention things during conversation.There were some plot moments but who gives a fuck, pros: -the mc doesn't have a face -the mc doesn't speak -the girls are somewhat good looking cons: -the animation is shit -the sex positions are shit -the va are shit -the fact that I'm only realising now that this is some vanilla shit is shit -lot's of wasted potential -the fact that it doesn't let me submit this fucking review because it's too short is shit -tits were too small -still too short -seriously don't know why the think that short equals bad, the review is fucking short because there isn't anything else to talk about, it's literally the same shit for an hour, its stupid, its boring, and tries to put some kind off super plot fucking moments in between scenes to look smart and shit but they really just make me take my hand of my dick to fast forward the video so I can continue to fap but they realise this is shit and look for something else conclusion: Lackluster, don't even bother, couldn't even finish fapping Reunion is a hentai I always come back to because it does so many things right when it comes to hentai.For starters, it is unique in that the main guy never talks. I don't particularly like it when males talk in hentai so this is a big plus for me. They are just two girls that are attracted to the main guy and just have sex with him whenever they can. I like the art style in this one and how the teacher is portrayed. BAD: The male character doesn't speak a single word he entire show.Maybe there are episodes for a show before this that I haven't seen, since the description on this site for the show says a bunch of past stuff that do not even get mentioned in this hentai.

However, since it is not exceptional in that area, it falls below even your average hentai due to how pathetic the plot is.While this isn't bad, the story does not explain how it got there.This ends up confusing the hell out of viewers, distracting from the fap session of mediocre animations.Rie looks simply amazing and very attractive in and out of her clothing, especially when she's in tights. Backgrounds are pretty mediocre, as most scene takes place inside rooms but that is not an issue as the focus should be on Rie and Mao anyways. The soundtrack during scenes is mellow piano music that sets the mood. The guy never talks which is a polarizing thing but for me it is nice. Mao's voice acting isn't as great but isn't bad either. She is slim with nice curves, amazing legs and large tits.

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