Teens tips on dating older men

If nothing else, this list makes clear that one answer doesn’t fit all and that this isn’t a same-sex issue.

Like me, you may consider some of these pairings weird or even creepy, but I’d venture that in each situation, the “junior” partner no doubt found something she needed in the “senior” — wealth, status, experience, stability (and vice versa). An older partner isn’t by definition a parent substitute.

One reader said that she dates guys who are older because she just can't deal with dudes her own age. He never judges me."The older-guys-are-more-mature thing came up a lot (even if science doesn't necessarily shore that up).

"All they talk about is immature stuff like boobs, boobs, and boobs," she told us. It really does depend on the individual person, but aside from numerical age, other girls mentioned that life experience was a factor in who they decided to date, and that they might be more interested in someone older because he was already in college, had a cool job, or an awesome internship.

They're mature, intelligent, and are usually more respectful.Dear Civilities: My 19-year-old son (I’ll call him “Tim”) just came out to me.I have no problem with that, but he also announced he’s seeing a man who’s 20 years his senior.Usually, high school guys don't have these characteristics.However, while teenage girls do often have crushes on older guys (over 18), they usually don't aspire to be in relationships with them.

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