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If you don't do anything, you probably do some Monday morning quarterbacking afterward: "I should have smiled.

I should have stopped to look at something and given them a chance to come talk to me.

The advice is the same: Stick to your own standards. Online dating lets you get vulnerable behind a screen. Hit swipe if you feel threatened by the interest or the emotion involved.

If you're not seeing anyone on a dating site that strikes your fancy, don't respond. Like when you're walking through the grocery store and a red-haired cutie's coming toward you and your eyes lock for a split second. Do you feel that full-body panic of a deer caught in the headlights? Or do you only let the corner of your mouth turn up and then nervously look away?

Yes, that's an even scarier version of your mom's question about your friends jumping off a bridge.

What you oh-so-often hear: "That's how everyone's finding dates these days." I shouldn't have to say it, but I will: If everyone else was jumping off the boat where sharks were circling, would you?

If not, please do specify “casual” with your little quotation marks…I mean did you go with that because “Hello, person I have not met before, I think it would be awesome to have sex with you and I was just wondering if you were up for it? Random Guy: Myself: Yeah, I’m not going to click a random link after the above conversation… Do people not listing “looking for casual sex” on their profile go for that as an initial message?

Random Guy: yeah well its about social conditioning. Myself: Meh, didn’t care enough to google it, sorry.

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This could be the difference between meeting your Mr.

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