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Thus, conflicting updates can safely be sent in rapid-fire succession without any documents being corrupted: the last update will “win.”The simplest type of update fully replaces a matching document with a new one.This can be useful to do a dramatic schema migration.It is an annoying historical relic from Mongo DB’s primordial soup.There are several options for Perl and PHP programmers. You can use single quotes, which don’t do variable interpolation: ‘$foo’.You must always use a $ modifier for adding, changing, or removing keys.

Updates are atomic: if two updates happen at the same time, whichever one reaches the server first will be applied, and then the next one will be applied.It actually does a full-document replacement, re-placing the matched document with .Always use $ operators for modifying individual key/value pairs.We can use update modifiers to do this increment atomically.Each URL and its number of page views is stored in a document that looks like this: Perl and PHP programmers are probably thinking that any character would have been a better choice than $.

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