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— ^Each and every ccm- tractor shall be required to obtain an affidavit from the surveyor, setting forth the amount of work done, of every description that may be charged in each bill or assessment Ust of said contmct, aoid said affidavit shall be attached to the assessment list. Whenever any real estate of the dty shall have been sold pursuant to any provision of the charter or any ordinance, the mayor and the city clerk shall execute proper conveyances of Buch real estate, imder their hands and the seal of the dty. He slmlli on receiving writt^a notice from the grantee of the said former corporation, or his assignee, , of the sale of any portion of land subject to quit^rent, enter in the record d ouit-rents the name of the purchaser, with the date of the sale and the portion of t^e land sold.

Extra work, — ^Repealed by ordinance effective July 7, 19^6. Delayed payments of assessments, — ^In all cases of ddinquency in the payment of any assessment tor work done imder a contract made by any contractor with the city, respecting any street ursuant to the preceding sections of this article, the board of commissioners of the sinking fund, or a majority of theo), sha U ^ve a certificate, under their hands, tnat the same has been sold pursuit to the provisions of this article, and upon the inxxiuo- tion of such certificate and the evidence that the proceeds of such s^e have been paid into the treasury to the credit of the sinking f imd for the redemption of the dty debt, or sudi other appropriate fund 80 provided k^ the charter, the mayor and the city clerk shall exe- cute proper conveyances of such reel estate under their hands and the seal of the dty. He may receive the sums proportionately due from each owner in payment oi the portion of tne moneys payable under the original grants as the same diall from time to time become payable.

The employees of the bureau shs Jl consist of such assistants and clerics' as mav be found necessary for properly carrying on its work, and they sha U be app Kiinted and removea by the commissioner of licenses in accordance with the rules and regiuationa of the municipal civil service commission. Records, — ^There diatt be kept in the principal office of the bureau, and in each and every bran Cn office thereof, such sydtem of records as may be necessary properly to record and classify, accord- ing to trade Or profession, (1) all applicants for positions; (2) all positions to be filled as reported to said bureau; (3) all persons sent to those seeking employees; (4) all such persons who secure employ- ment, and (5) such other records as the commissioner may deem necessary.

— There shall be a public employment bureau in and for the city, attadied to the depaitinent oi licenses, with the principal office in the borough of Manhattan, and a branch office in such other boroughs, as may be deemed neces- sary and designated by the commissioner of licenses, for the purpose of aiding unemployed persons in securing employment and employers oi labor in securing employees; but no fee shall be charged oy the bureaii, or any officer or employee thereof, for such purpose. For bis certificate upon any such bill or search, when requested, 10 cents.

— When Bevoral lots or parcels of land belonging to different persons are assessed for taxes in one par- cel, the c(»nptro Uer may make the proper apportibninent of the tas among the di Serent owners. O.) (As amended September 18, 1917.) 32 CODE OF ORDINANCES OF t HE CWt OF NEW YORK i CHAPTBR 8 Amusements and Ediibitions Artide 1.

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That it is made mthout any connection with anv oliier pennon Tnaking an estimate for the same purpose, and is in a U respect fair, and without collusion or fraud : 4. Opening ealimates, — ^The sealed envelope ccmtaining the estimate shall be endorsed with the name or names of the person or per B(His presentmg the same^ the date of its presentation, and a statement of the work ^ which it rdiates, and no estimate shall be taken from the '* Estimate Box,'' nor shall the sealed envelope thereof be opened by anyone, except at the time and in the manner herein desi^uited for decidiog on sudb estimates. Sampies, — ^Whm proposals are issued for a contract to f ur- nkdi any article of which a sample can conveniently be furnished, the 20 CODE OF ORDm ANCBS OF THB CTFT i OT NEW TORK head of the department issuing the same may require thai suefa sample be delivered at his office, or at the oflice of the head of the appropriate bureau in his department, within such time befc^re tl^e opening -of the estimates as he may prescribe; and, if it be not so furnished, or does not oonform to the quahty required by the pro^ posals, the estimate delivered by the person furnishing or omitting to furnish the same, as the case may oe, shall be rejected. No pa3nnent shall be made upon any contract beyond the amount thereof. No city marshsd shall knowingly permit any person, not a city marshal, to-pmc Hin any act in his name, or to sign or use his name in the performance of any act which can be p^ormed only by a city maishal in person. Violations, — ^Any person violating any of the provisions of this article shall be punlediable by imprisonment for a term not ex- oeeding one month, or by a fine not exceeding 0 for ealf INI8TRA.

The names of all persons interested with him herein, and if no other person be so interested, it shall distinctly state l^t fact; 3. One of tne duplicate vouchers shall be retained in the department or office by which the vouchers are rendered, and the other shall be transmitted to the department of finance for payment. The comptroller on the presentation to him of such certificate shall pay the amount thereof and endorse 22 CODE OF ORtt DTii KCBS CF TBB OITT 0^ NEW TORS emhpaymeat upon the contraot upon which audi paym^t was aiftd^ but mial payment on any contract shall not be maoe until the head of d^mrtment or officer having charge o£ the work under the contract shall furnish a certificate, si^ied by him and filed in the office of the comptroller, that the work mentioned in the contract has been cmnideted according to the terms thereof aind to the satisfaction of the head of d^artmait or officer giving the certificate. Whenever an assessment shall be levied for any improvement, the amount paid for inspection of any contract work connected th^i^with shall be assessed and collected with the other expenses of the improv^nent, except wh«^ the in« specter's wages are legally changeable to the contractor. No peraon, not a marshal, shall exhibit any sign with ihe words '^mandml's bureaii" thereon, or any other words or terms whereby the public may be led to believe that he is a city marshal or authorized to act as such, or that his office is the office of a city marshal.

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