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With our history, we wanted to make SURE this pregnancy “stuck” before letting loved ones in on the celebrating…we’re now almost 5 months along and it’s time to share our good news with the world!I posted a little video below of us RIGHT before we did the transfer. I was feeling pretty bloated and the thought of lounging in a swimsuit was NOT appealing to me. It was the perfect getaway to forget about everything we had been through the previous year and just have FUN!!!!We continued going in for weekly monitoring/bloodwork and we absolutely LOVED the ultrasound aspect of it. By week 10, it was time to graduate to a regular OB and I was SO sad to leave this amazing team that had been with us for an entire year! We decided to wait longer than the 1st trimester before we announced our good news. Because I have soooo many drugs and hormones flooding through my body that I literally cannot control my emotions. I’m doing daily injections 3x/day plus taking medications and going in for daily appointments which include ultrasounds and bloodwork.We were ready to work with someone who was as passionate about helping us find success as we were. One thing we later found out about our last doctor was that he had done what is called mini-IVF or micro-IVF. Two of them seemed to be “sucking” up all the drugs and were growing like crazy.

The embryo that didn’t pass this time had an extra chromosome 9.

One had a 50/50 chance of survival and the other wasn’t looking good. There was still the “genetic testing” phase the embryos needed to go through so the more we had, the better our chances of having some that would be genetically sound.

They called us the next day to let us know one didn’t make it. and even though I was disappointed with only having two embryos to test…

I lost any remaining respect I might have had for that doctor. My schedule consisted of me going into the doctor’s office every. Let’s just say Sarah and I were pretty much BFFs by this point!

That girl was outgoing, funny, upbeat, and calmed me down every time I had a freak out!

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I also did a round of intralipids about a week prior. You’re hooked up to an IV and it’s fed into your bloodstream. I shared that information with both Stacy (my nurse) and Dr. I tried really hard to drink a ton of water, but once again, it wasn’t enough. I was so grateful the water wasn’t FORCED into me to keep on a schedule.

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